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New collection

Buy a rare vinyl gift this Christmas

225 records added this week! Some of the vinyl records added today are rare treats that don’t come along very often. And, with Christmas coming we have included some great festive stocking filler vinyl this month …

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Records covers

Over 300 vinyl records added this week!

We recently bought some amazing collections, with a lot of quality vinyl records that have never been played! The ones we have added this week cover off collections from some of the great 60s Jazz bands, and 70s rock; plenty to keep you entertained as the winter evenings draw in. Check out the new records here >>    
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David Bowie

120 new vinyl records listed this week

120 new vinyl records listed this week – some great favourites and some ‘hard to get’ titles … We have just uploaded some great vinyl albums and 45s to the website, including some of the most popular artists and some really unusual records. Why not pop along to see our recently added section on the site this weekend?                    No matter what genre you like, we have a great selection… We have just bought some incredible great collections, in fantastic condition – some never played! Pop along to our RECENTLY ADDED tab on the site to see for yourself…. Great weekend browsing!
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Happy Birthday Record

Music is a gift!

Max Hooley has created a successful business in an area that he loves with products that are increasingly in demand for the gift market. Max’s speciality is original vinyl records, both singles and LPs. He has been a keen collector of quality vinyl records for more than 50 years with a love of music that covered a wide spectrum. Over the years his collection just grew and grew; so it wasn’t a big effort to change his hobby into a business. Now he stocks over 25,000 vinyl records; generally original releases in their sleeves which he carefully packs up and sends to a growing list of customers from all over the world. And the demand is not only from customers who like the quality of music vinyl brings. Increasingly Max is being contacted by people looking for that very special gift – a copy of a record that was top…
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