Autumnal treats

Autumnal Treats

As Autumn is making itself evident, we felt it was time to bring some cheer into this very strange world we find ourselves in.

During the pandemic we have heard from many of you. You have told us that you have spent many enjoyable hours browsing our site for old favourites and introducing yourself to new genres. It has been great to hear that vinyl records are playing their part in the well-being of our nation – thank you so much for sharing that with us.

So, today we have added 240 new additions to our stock of which Rock has the most with 80 new items, Soul and Disco have 30 new discs, Jazz 10 and a few Blues, Folk, Beatles and Rolling Stones.

We also have some exciting rare finds:

Unzipping the Abstract

‘Unzipping the Abstract’ is a collection of various artists from 1980 and features the bands of the Manchester Musicians Collective.

Weasels ripped my flesh

The Mother of Invention’s album, ‘Weasels Ripped My Flesh’  – certainly an acquired taste!

The Wind In the Willows

A 1979 re-issued LP by the Wind In The Willows, which was originally pressed in 1968 and features a very young Debbie Harry before