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Our Sport vinyls section gives you a great selection of singles and LPs by Sports Stars and Teams, who for some reason decided to record a song or even an album at the height of their popularity! Also featured are some commentaries from Sporting Occasions and important matches. So whether it is your favourite football team or international rugby squad, there is something to make you cringe as to why on earth they thought they could sing and break into the charts! Many of them did but found a follow-up not so easy and disappeared from the charts never to be heard of again, in musical circles anyway. As for the commentaries, some famous football and rugby matches can be found here, albeit they are rather edited from the 80 or 90 minutes play down to probably only giving the listener the highlights of a historic occasion, but nonetheless they will give the feeling of being there!. If only for the rarity value some of this category’s selections capture some unique occasions.

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