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Many of Cliff Richard’s hit singles, EPs and LPs are here for your selection, along with The Shadows’ own releases and their solo records. As well as the No.1 singles, there are also records which did not sell so well and these rarities and some foreign releases are all included here. The late 1950s through to the 1990s are covered and many of the singles are popular with Jukebox owners. Cliff’s early days were at the height of the Rock & Roll era and he was known as Britain’s answer to Elvis, having 7 UK number one singles, as well as starring in 4 films. His backing group, The Shadows (previously called The Drifters), were hugely successful in the early 1960s, having recorded 5 number one singles as well as top selling albums, most of which are here for you to choose. A vast recording career by both Cliff and The Shadows is reflected in the large stock available here at Maxvinyl Records.

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