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Beatles singles, EPs and classic LPs, U.K. and Foreign issues and rarities. Solo releases also available from Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Starr. Many singles suitable for Jukeboxes are available. Cover versions of Beatles songs are also included here. From their arrival on the music scene in 1962, they were totally fresh and took the UK and the rest of the world by storm. Number one singles and LPs sold in millions and copies of first pressings of these are highly collectable, irrespective of their condition. Demand is still very high for good quality copies of these singles and LPs and here at Maxvinyl Records we have a large supply of stock to choose from, not only from the 1960s, but also their very successful solo periods from 1970 onwards. Beatles-related records on the Apple label are also here along with albums recorded by a number of various artists producing some nice Easy Listening versions of their songs.

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